Tomorrow’s Kisses

Turn off your ears turn off your eyes
Turn off your desire to please
I couldn’t want to love again
I couldn’t live at ease
Please shine your light some other place
And take your smile out of my face
I didn’t really need it anyway
Tomorrow’s kisses must wait another day

Make it easy make it plain
Make it like it never was
I couldn’t learn to smile again
I couldn’t try because
I’m younger and I’m wiser than
The girl who loved another man
She didn’t really like it anyway
Tomorrow’s kisses were paid for yesterday

Stories almost gentle of the
Girl’s desire to be reprieved
Reading in the picture paper
It’s only fiction, I’m relieved
Only fiction can break your heart
I tried to learn that from the start
I couldn’t want it any other way
Tomorrow’s kisses were only made in play

Don’t be sorry for me I’m just
Living like I mean to dream
Coffee mornings evenings drinking
Please don’t touch for I would scream
Satisfied that this is real life
Safe as houses blunts the knife
They didn’t show me any better way
Tomorrow’s kisses all have feet of clay

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