Cumbria Scenes – 27.5.12

Angletarn Pikes

Bit personal, this one
It was a decade or three back, and things were going well in my first long-term, serious, plan-to-marry relationship. My lady love and I were off for our first day out in the Lakes, to climb her first fell.
I’d chosen Angletarn Pikes for its position in lovely Patterdale, for the easy gradients of its ascent and the fact that it was not too high, too hard, too far or too difficult for a novice walker.
We had ourselves a perfect July Saturday, with all the time in the world for our expedition. On the tops was the right amount of breeze to stir the air and give relief from the glowering sun, but the climb out of the valley, towards Boredale Hause, was not so blessed: it was stuffy and enervating and my companion started having some problems breathing.
So I was told off to stand guard whilst she sat down in the middle of the path – below the eyeline of ascending walkers – whipped up her top aand wriggled out of her bra, which she stuffed in my rucksack for safe keeping. No longer so constricted, she found the rest of the climb to be more comfortable.
We snacked on the Hause before making our way gently on along a path that, if followed to its conclusion, would intersect with High Street. But long before then we detoured onto the first and higher of the two rocky platforms that single Angletarn Pikes out in any view.
Her first summit was greeted with congratulatory kisses. I used the timer to take a photo of the two of us together, and, under the sun and the sky, a certain thought came to us.
From the lip of the summit we could see the Patterdale path. There were three walkers descending it, towards Boredale Hause. We watched silently, to see if they would turn off the path towards our belvedere – and when they didn’t, we rapidly removed ourselves from the skyline!
Later, we continued as far as Angle Tarn, sitting by its shores, watching scouts make camp, before turning back, to the Hause, the valley, the car and home.
There’s not another fell I can tell such a story about, more’s the pity, so Angletarn Pikes is singled out in my memory. And a very nice place for it, as well.


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