Beware Rip-Off Merchants – Bow Media

Just a friendly word of warning.

Whilst browsing on Amazon this evening, I discovered that a friend of mine, who also publishes through, had a hardback available through On a whim, I searched my own name and found that, aside from those books available for the Kindle, every book available through Lulu was also being offered for sale – at prices in excess of £100!

The culprits are the above named Bow Media, whose only existence seems to be on Facebook. It seems they have set themselves up to try to rip the public off by giving the appearance they are selling incredibly rare and valuable books, with a delivery time that means that, if anyone bites, they just get a copy printed off Lulu and sent out to the buyer, leaving them with an undeserved £105.00 or so mark-up.

I doubt it will work in my case – if people aren’t buying for £5.99 and postage, I don’t see them forking out three figures for my books. But I’m obviously just one of their intended victims, and I’d like to see the bastards exposed in case they start making rip-off money off the back of someone who’s actually popular.

So watch out for these chancers and pass the word around not to fall for their tricks.

Not when you can get these high-priced “rareties” for a much more modest price, any time you want.

9 thoughts on “Beware Rip-Off Merchants – Bow Media

  1. Amazing!!! By chance I came across this. I am the author of a book titled SUMMER in LONDON and I just happened to log on to see what’s happening with my book. I was gobsmacked to see that my book which I published on kindle for £1.54 is being sold as paperback on for over £100 pounds and yes it was published by lulu. I phoned up amazon who told me that they cannot do anything about it so I should try to contact the seller. I am not happy about this at all and something should be done about it

    1. Hi Patrice. I knew it couldn’t only be me. It’s such an easy scam once you think of it, though it’s as legal as either of us selling a book we happen to own. The only response is to make it known that these people are rip-off merchants, so that nobody falls for this shitty practice.

      One more thing: you published through Kindle, but NOT through Lulu? If that’s so, and they’ve actually gone to the trouble of creating a Lulu copy, you can get that stopped by contacting Lulu: they’ll have lied in claiming to have publihing rights.

      Let me know how you get on and good luck with your book(s)

  2. I am yet another victim as I just found out. I am the author of the books “The Girl with Golden Eyes,” and “Amerik Gothick Faust.” I have contacted Amazon, and I sent them this article as well. I hope I’m the last person this happens too. It’s not right for someone to make over 100$ on a book I wrote when I only make 5$. Thank you for your article
    ~Cyanide Suicide

  3. Cyan: too right it’s not! It’s a disgusting scam, and I hope no-one falls for it. Not just for their sake, but for ours, as they’d probably imagine we were in on it. Good luck with your books.

  4. Hi Martin. I’m a first-time author. My book will eventually be made available (legitimately) on through retail distribution, but in the meantime its shown up on offer from Bow Media for a whopping 507% markup (plus shipping). I at first thought that they might be ripping me off, but if they are actually ordering through Lulu then I am actually receiving my standard royalty per item. However, I do feel sorry for the customers for this excessive charge. Thank you for this article.

    1. I found my book there, too. I wondered if one of my customers had sold it to them, but now I see that they are just idiots! But, I will still get my royalty, if someone buys it. Very strange thing to do!

  5. Hi Michael.

    That’s at least four of us so far, and there’ll be more out there. I’m glad the word is starting to spread. If you check a bit further ahead on the blog, I’ve come up with an idea to beat the scummy little sods, by registering as an Amazon Seller and selling the books at their correct price. I’d be doing it already but something’s blocking me off registering and I’m waiting for Amazon help. Good luck with your work, and get it onto Amazon yourself As Soon As Possible!

  6. Amazon does have a thing to say if you have a copy for sale, or know of lower prices. I may use that. Maybe I will sell in England, then. My book “Hugo and Fluffy Tales” is listed by these oddballs for 118 pounds!

    1. Hi Penelope

      As you can see, that’s at least five of us so far. Yes, become a Seller and undercut the gits savagely. What they’re doing is legal, but utterly outrageous.


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