The Stockport Steps War – Phase 2

Hostilities have broken out again over the damaged step on the stairs out of Mersey Square, beside the Plaza Cinema.

After weeks of inactivity, during which the temporary tarmac bodge deteriorated in the manner expected, the Council returned to the attack on Thursday 13 December.

The lower section was once again barricaded off by heavy orange plastic barriers, one at the top, two at the bottom. At 16.35 hours pedestrians were seen walking round, down the other half of the stairs. No buses were missed as a consequence of the o journey time thus imposed.

But on 14 December, at 10.15 hours, the upper barrier had been removed, whereabouts unknown. The two bottom barriers remained as originally positioned, hard against the bottom step, but when passed again at 17.05 hours, though still in situ, both barriers had been set back one foot, allowing passage at either side.

The Libertarian Forces currently hold sway. Further battlefield dispatches may be expected on 17 December after 22.30 hours. There is, as yet, no sign of UN Peacekeepers seeking to prevail upon the Council just to fix the bloody step, why don’t you, and let’s put an end to all this nonsense, this lot won’t give up until one of them falls and breaks his leg.

For Author for Sale, this is Martin Crookall, at home.

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