The Prisoner – Introduction

Prisoner Bicycle

Almost everybody who is a fan of The Prisoner – an ITV drama series first broadcast 45 years ago – finds themselves wanting to give their opinion on this most cultish of classics, whether or not they have anything original to say. I have a blog, in which I review things that interest me. There’s a certain inevitability about this, wouldn’t you say?
As to whether I have any insights of startling originality, or an opinion that hasn’t already been paraded, we’ll have to see. But I can at least aspire to communicate to an audience that may, still, be unfamiliar with The Prisoner in anything but reputation, and suggest something of the qualities that made the series unique, not only in its own time, but in the modern era as well.
I’ll be reviewing each episode individually, but in between I’ll be looking at other aspects of the series and its broadcast history, in a little more depth, beginning with the background to the show getting on air.

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