Rick Geary – The Elwell Enigma

Rick Geary

If you delve deeply enough into this blog’s archives, you’ll find the reprint of a short piece done as a class project, in which I set out my admiration for the work of graphic novellist/artist Rick Geary.

Geary’s main work in the last fifteen years or so has been his successive Treasur(ies) of Victorian/Twentieth Century Murder, immaculately researched forays into the acts and psychologies of infamous murders, well-known or forgotten.

He has usually published these books through NBM, but for his latest hopes to self-publish The Elwell Enigma through the increasingly influential medium of Kickstarter. This is a fund-raising website, soliciting pledges to help reach a specified target by a specific date. If the pledges fall short, no money is taken. If the target is reached, the project goes ahead with the backer receiving a specific item, based on the level of their pledge.

For The Elwell Enigma, a $20 pledge (plus $10 for non-USA postage) gets a hardback copy of the book, including a unique bookplate, plus a signed Geary postcard with a personal message of thanks. Smaller donations get smaller rewards, larger donations greater ones, up to and including a page of original art from the book. Geary’s target is $4,000 by Wednesday 17  April, at 5.02pm EDT, and at the time I’m writing this, 37 backers have already pledged a total of $2,057, me among them.

So, for once, this is a Shameless Plug being made on behalf of someone other than myself. The link to go and pledge is http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744289925/the-elwell-enigma-by-rick-geary where you’ll learn more about the project, so head over there now and make this a reality, and incidentally score yourself what is going to be a superb piece of work, complete with the author’s persona thanks.

It’s by Rick Geary: of course it’s going to be superb.

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