Spam Bucket

I assume I’m not the only one experiencing this, although if that’s not the case then maybe it’s a sign that the spam e-mail industry as a whole has started following this blog and come to a collective recognition of my innate talent, but over the last couple of weeks, my spam bucket has been heaving with offers to take my TV and Film ideas and translate then into reality, oh, and unimaginable sums of money, of course.

Needless to say, if I had any TV or Film ideas, which I do not, I would not be exposing them to people whose major contribution to my inevitable success would be to steal all the credit (and the unimaginable sums of money) for themselves.

Then again, as I have recently read, the reason these spam campaigns are so irremediably dumb is that they are merely filtering out those not sufficiently irremediably dumb as quickly as possible. Given the exceedingly high bar of naivete required for these scumbags to find people to exploit, it does make business sense to go straight for your targets with as little contact with the smart and sensible on the way.

Still, it makes a change from Nigerian widows and lawyers trying to smuggle millions out of an unsuspecting country, if only you’ll send them your bank details.


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