An unusual phenomenon

I don’t know if this is happening on any other Blogs, but over the last four weeks I have had a half dozen new Followers register with this blog. All very gratifying: the more Followers the better, as any blogposter would agree.

The unusual thing is that all but one of this half dozen are female and, when I click on their profile to find out more about this new devotee to my thoughts and meanderings, it turns out that that profile has been deleted. Within a matter of hours of the afore-mentioned user choosing to Follow me.

It’s all rather confusing really, as the late and seriously great Spike Milligan would put it.

Naturally, being a cynic by name and experience, I cannot help but be suspicious of this activity. Somebody appears to want to piss me about: why they should do so and what they think it’s going to do to me are mysteries, albeit of the kind that I can’t really be bothered wanting to solve. As for what they get out of it, I’m at a loss to understand. I mean, surely no-one’s this shallow that they can think they’re scoring in any way with something this pathetic.

So, whoever it is, I’ve spotted what you’re doing, so save your energy and don’t bother in future. Meantime, those few of you who are genuinely interested in what I do and are supportive – many thanks to Jim, and hey there Wendy – it’s great to have you along for the ride and I hope I never disappoint. Tell your friends!


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