R. A. Lafferty bargain – Fourth Mansions

If you love great writing, if you want to discover a writer of monstrous humour, great gusto, unbelievable individuality, in short someone completely unlike everyone else you have ever read, follow this link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOURTH-MANSIONS-BY-R-A-LAFFERTY-PAPERBACK-BOOK-/171130567247.

This link will take you to eBay, where you will discover a very good condition copy of R. A. Lafferty’s Fourth Mansions, the 1971 novel that was my first introduction to this mercurial, magisterial writer, and for an asking price of only 99p. People, you should be ashamed to let a book like this go for such a price (you should be surprised to see a Lafferty book even offered for this price, and this is one of the one’s that got released in a full-scale commercial print-run).

It’s an adventure and an experience in one, a crazy, whirlagig tale of secret societies, of Snakes and Badgers, of Jewelled Toads and Unfledged Falcons, and in the middle journalist Freddie Foley. set to goof and goof gloriously. Are there really men returning from the past who are marked by archaic ears? Is his girlfriend really a cinnmon cookie? Will the world spiral and collapse back to First Mansions, as the Toads are working to ensure, or will all things come together in Freddie Foley to lead the world upwards into the Fifth Mansions?

Did author and critic Michael Swanwick really say “If there were no Lafferty, we would lack the imagination to invent him”? And has any writer ever paid so gracious a complement as that?

It’s true, by the way, brother, it’s true!

In all seriousness, follow the link, bid for this. This is a great book by a great writer, possibly the greatest writer you never heard of.

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