On Writing – NaNoWriMo 2013

A few months back, I mentioned a new novel I was starting to work. I’m still struggling with it, so I’ve registered myself for this year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), in a bid to force myself into completing it.
I first discovered (and entered) NaNoWriMo two years ago, when I successfully completed the first draft of The Return of the Purple Puffin (which has since been completely re-written, expanded, re-named and awaits only a cover to enable it to be published via Lulu.com). For those unfamiliar with  NaNoWriMo, the idea is that you set yourself to complete a novel of a minimum 50,000 word length between 1 and 30 November.
Back in 2011, I was working regular hours and stable shifts that gave me enough time each day to complete the required average of 1,667 words, even if I had to often split it into before and after work stints. Last year, having moved onto far less convenient shifts, I decided not to repeat the experience, thinking that I simply would not have enough time available to me.
I was also much more active on this blog, this time last year, than I had been in 2011.
I’ve still got the same shifts and the same disadvantages as last year, but I need something to kickstart myself into breaking through what’s preventing me from dealing with this idea. It’s very important that I do complete it, even if it turns out to be crap.
I do have an advantage: some people plan their novels meticulously, and have that story plan ready in advance. I fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak, but I’ve already got a few thousand words written, to give myself a head start.
Serious writing starts on Friday.
What it means for this blog, however, is that it’s going to be on the back burner for the next month. I’m not going to disappear completely: I have a number of posts written up in advance, including the remaining Prisoner pieces, and I have a whole week off work in mid-month, where I hope to have time to vary my workload.
Nor do I intend to post each day’s work as I finish it, which I did through Puffin.
The novel comes first for the next thirty days, so see you all back here in December, and I hope you don’t forget me whilst I’m off the radar.

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