Quadruple Nelson: R.E.Marathon

Allow me my foibles: this is this blog’s 444th post since starting out in 2011, and bear in mind that it was only February this year that I hit Double Nelson, so I’ve doubled the number of posts here since February. I can’t help feeling that I can’t possibly have enough to say to justify 444 posts. So Far.

Anyway, at the moment I’m listening to “I told you I wanted to be wrong”, the best track on R.E.M.’s rather dismal 13th album, Around the Sun. It’s the thirteenth successive R.E.M. album I’ve listened to in the last twenty four hours, and I intend to have listened to Accelerate and Collapse into Now before I go to sleep.

I have a mate at work who keeps telling me to get onto Twitter and Facebook to promote myself, this blog and my books more. Just think if I were letting you know bits of trivia like this on a regular basis? Yeah, I thought so.

Here’s to the next 111 posts.

2 thoughts on “Quadruple Nelson: R.E.Marathon

  1. I set up a business facebook page Martin to try to promote concerts and my blog, a new twitter page which I can’t quite get the handle of 😉 and a google+ which also takes some working out but I quite like the google format. I do get transfer from facebook to the blog which is good.

  2. Thanx for the tips, Charlotte. Part of me does agree that I should take advantage of social media to get my name out there, but an even bigger part of me shies away. It’s made up of bits of reluctance to engage with stuff like Facebook (I was on it once but deleted myself) and Twitter, issues of privacy, and also my issues with depression. In the end, the writing is the end, no matter the tagline to the blog. I think I need a manager!

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