It’s Xmas Again

It’s still no easier to listen to with a dry eye, but A Fairytale of New York is my personal signal that the festive season is once again upon us.

The Pogues and Kirsy MacColl classic is once again in the Top 40, crashing in at high velocity at no 16, which, with two more weekends to go before the day itself, arouses my personal hopes of a repeat Top 10 visit for the first time since 2007. Either way, this is the ninth successive year it’s been round again, and the beauty of it all is not that it gets released, there being no need for that in the digital age: people just want to hear it, year in year out.

As usual, it’s second to Mariah Carey’s much more conventional All I Want for Xmas is You, which is two places higher, whilst most of the usual suspects are not on the heels of the Top 40. I suspect we might be in for a bumper nostalgia year: Wizzard have already cracked the top 30.

Here’s the link: as if you needed it. I will go into that personal bubble of regret and pain that we Kirsty MacColl adherents enter whenever we hear this, for the Xmasses she never saw, the years of her kids lives she misses and the songs never written and sung.

At least she sang this one. It’ll outlive us all.

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