A bit of an apology

Back near the end of October, I did an in-advance apology that I wasn’t going to be posting here as frequently as usual because of my commitment to NaNoWriMo. Because I had so many pieces prepared in advance, the blog carried on nearly as normal. However, instead of a return to my usual prolific manner in December, things have if anything slowed down even more.

In part that’s because I wanted to carry on with the novel, which was incomplete at November 30th. Unfortunately, the main reason is a piece of self-inflicted damage to my health.

I can’t recall if I have ever mentioned this on here, but several years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 late onset diabetes. The condition was managed for several years by diet only but more recently it’s been a combination of diet and tablets (I do not need insulin shots). One thing I’ve learned is that I need to eat, even if only lightly, at regular intervals. However, a fortnight ago, the Council came rounmd to replace my Central Heating Boiler and my ‘bedroom’ radiator. To enable this I had to move everything out into the rest of my pokey little place: the mattress ended up blocking off the kitchen.

It was supposed to take half a day but they were here from 8.20 until almost 4.00pm, during which time I was effectively barricaded into a corner with my laptop. Then, when they’d finally finished, I had to go straight out to the Royal Mail Collection Centre to pick up a parcel they’d already been holding for several days.

The effect was that I didn’t eat anything from breakfast through until 6.00pm, which was stupid. And has had an effect. Firstly, physical debilitation the next day but, more importantly, I’ve been mentally tepid ever since. The concentration to think things through, to put things down, has been lacking, and that goes for the novel as much as things for this blog.

I have a half dozen part-written pieces that need finishing, but I haven’t the mental acuity – especially after the demands of my job – to do them justice. And I’ve a gap in the novel where I have been unable to get done some on-the-ground research, which has disturbed the flow, and I’m stuck quite close to a major moment which will unravel a lot of things I’ve been slowly setting up.

It’s very frustrating, but it’s my own fault, and I have no solutions. Today, it’s been compounded by a sore throat, contracted yesterday evening, that’s rapidly blossomed into a headcold, which has left me even less concentration.

The thing is, I went through a similar spell a few months ago, though onky for about ten days, which suddenly lifted whilst I was at work. Seriously: in an instant, it was as if someone had switched on the power in my head and everything became possible again. I’m currently waiting for that to happen again, although the draining circumstances of the run-up to Xmas do rather militate against that.

Once that mental energy is restored, I’ll be back on track and I’ll be sounding off as bumptiously as usual in this blog. I’ve some ideas for new series just awaiting the chance to get started: I just need the chance to revisit things I’m considering of talking about.

Until then, my apologies for the rather thin gruel of this month. I hope I’m not boring people too much.


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