Post NaNoWriMo update – Day +30

It’s taken a long time to get back on track, between physical and mental concerns, and the worry of a diagnosis of acute bronchitis a week ago today, with warnings about letting it develop into pneumonia, but I’ve finally recovered enough of my mental acuity to resume the NaNoWriMo novel, with a comfortable 1,100 word session that resumes the book’s course as far as the end of the next chapter.

That’s Chapter 19, and an ongoing total of 61750 words, to be almost precise. I estimate one more chapter to take me from where we are now: Main Character and Second Lead shopping in Stockport on Saturday afternoon, mildly prodding each other verbally, to the big revelation at the Library on Monday evening. After that, the big blow-up, which will be a chapter in itself and which will signal the end to phase 1: I’ve been experimenting with a rather rigid chapter length but this may exceed my common length, which is allowable here, where it will reflect the disruption of the story so far, as well as preceding a leap in time to the beginning of phase 2.

Which, at the moment, is something of a blank.

It’s good to be writing again, to see and feel the characters making their way forward, to re-enter that world that exists. To rediscover the momentum. I may return to the story later today: I have the sense of where to start the next chapter, the proper transition from the closing chapter line to later on and the effects of this scene starting to play out.

As an aside, I have an idea for another book. Ideas so often come in the juxtaposition of two unconnected efforts, as did this. I was daydreaming, thinking about an old friend I haven’t seen in years, who let me down, but who had gotten back into contact. In my datdream, she’d unexpectedly invited a mutual friend who I haven’t seen in decades, but who was the first girl I ever fell in love with.

Earlier that day, I had been reading a long short story by John Crowley, Great Work of Time. Don’t ask me to explain the connection between the two as it does not exist in any logical form, but the two ideas came together. A mysterious and intriguing situation arose from these two ideas, passing each other in this casual manner.

One more thing to store in my mind, perhaps as my next project after this one. It will be intensely personal when I write it, this much is certain. But first I must finish this novel. I had hopes of being done with the first drafter by Xmas – which, at NaNoWriMo rates, I had every right to expect – but now we’re looking at 2014. I shall have to up my productivity if it’s not to go over into February.


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