A Bloody Embarrassment (updated)

Since writing about Droylsden’s predicament four weeks ago, things have got better, and worse, for the Bloods.

On the good side,a week ago today, the club scored its third point of the season, and its first away from home, with a 2-2 draw at Barwell, bringing to an end a run of 27 straight defeats in all competitions. And it could have been better, but for conceding a 94th minute equaliser after being 2-0 up with less than ten minutes to go.

However, the Bloods were back to this season’s norm with a 4-0 home thrashing by Marine this afternoon which leads them trembling on the official brink.

Droylsden entertain Kings Lynn Town on Tuesday night (a hell of a drive for their fans). If they were to lose that game, that will remove any margin for error. Lose to Kings Lynn on Tuesday, and lose again next Saturday, and Droylsden will be relegated – mathematically and officially – on 1 March 2014. They will probably be the first team in the country, at any level, to be relegated this season.

And, by an odd coincidence, I plan to be there, because Droylsden will be away to FC United of Manchester, and i booked that day as leave months ago, never expecting that it would have this kind of significance.

It might not be significant at all. Droylsden might beat Kings Lynn. They might beat FC. And Frickley Athletic might beat Barwell at home next Saturday afternoon, in which case not all the wins in the world can save Droylsden.

The first year I went back to Droylsden, the Bloods were relegated from this very Division: that was the other season of conceding 100 League goals. Though I’m going to support FC United – the very last team under the sun that most Bloods’ fans would want to be sending them down – the coincidence of the occasion will leave me with very mixed feelings indeed.

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