A Bloody Embarrassment: the lowest ebb?

I’d rather have had something more positive as my regularly-celebrated Nelson post (this blog’s 555th post: we celebrate anniversaries this way), but the news has just filtered through from the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Premier Division that the game of top v bottom has gone according to league placings.

But it’s gone Chorley 13 Droylsden 1. And that’s not my crappy typing, it is indeed thirteen goals. To one.

FC United of Manchester have won 1-0 up at Blyth Spartans to keep up the pressure at the top, and are indeed home to Chorley on Tuesday night, needing to win that game and their game in hand to go back on top, but this isn’t about FC, it’s about Droylsden, and about how much worse this can possibly get, because this is an archaic score, it’s a between-the-wars result, it’s 167 League goals conceded and a goal difference of -137, and still five more games left.

What’s it going to be? -150 goal difference can’t be ruled out, but surely 200 conceded isn’t possible? And how can a team that’s been so comprehensively destroyed as this hope to rally next year, even in a lower division? It’s level eight next year, the lowest Droylsden have ever been in the Pyramid, the lowest they have ever been. I’m asking what it’s going to be like a year fron now?

2 thoughts on “A Bloody Embarrassment: the lowest ebb?

  1. Hi Charlotte

    I don’t get to see FC as often as I’d like. Partly it’s because I’m working every other Saturday, and if that coincides with home games then I’m stuck. But it’s also a long and expensive journey when I’m reliant on the bus – at least 90 minutes each way when they were in Bury, and probably at least an hour when they move to their own ground in Moston. As for their current groundshare at Staleybridge, that’s next to impossible: three buses each way at least!

    Got to win the League this year: if we blow it in the play-offs for a fifth successive time, I fear for the future.

    Sorry, but no way am I going to wish C**y well!

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