Kickstarter: Girl Genius Volume 13

It’s Kickstarter time again, and this time it’s for the latest Girl Genius collection, Volume 13 to be exact, Agatha Heterodyne and the Sleeping City.  Use the link to go to the Project and pledge!

Now, as cultured people with a broad appreciation of the finest arts and narratives, you undoubtedly know all that needs to be about Girl Genius, including the fact that it appears thrice weekly at the Studio Foglio site. This link takes you to page 1: just keep pressing next. For those who may be hazy upon the odd detail here or there, let me remind you that Girl Genius is the work of veteran sf artist Phil Foglio (pronounced ‘folio’) on art, Phil and wife Kaja Foglio on writing and Cheyenne Wright as colourist. It is an epic, sprawling, complex, hilarious story involved a cast of several dozen (including a talking cat), which is tecnically a historical document, issued by two Professors of Trans-Polygnostic University, concerning the life of the titular character, Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius.

The Foglios present their work as a Gaslamp Fantasy, placing it pretty near to the SF genre of Steampunk, but tons more dramatic and funny.

Volume 13 contains approx 180 pages of full-colour art, of ‘Adventure, Romance and Mad Science’. It completes Act 1 (of three) of the Girl Genius story, and believes me people, it ends on one helluva cliff-hanger!

Get in on this, because it’s good, and treat yourself.

Target is $55,000.00 by 2.00am (British Summer Time) on Saturday 3 May, and at the split second of writing this, £28,607.00 has been pledgedby 420 backers, myself included (there have been five new backers whilst I have been writing this sentence). You can pledge as much or as little as you decide, and there is a list of rewards given for each successive level. For a copy of the book itself with a signed bookplate and computer wallpaper, you need to pledge at least $30, plus additional p&p for backers outside the United States. And if the target isn’t met by the end-date, you pay nothing, though there’s not a lot of chance this will fail.

Be good people, back this venture. The book is reward in itself, without the little inner glow of being one of the Good People.

3 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Girl Genius Volume 13

  1. Looks like some great work, I really like the art. I’m in no position to be donating money to other people, but I’m interested in whether that funding money is going towards getting it printed or completed. It seems like a lot considering it already seems established and I can imagine that many people would buy it anyway.

    1. Oh yeah, I just had a look at their kickstarter page and saw what they’re pledging for. They’re some crazy guys haha. Kickstarter always seems to good to be true, have you ever tried using it to get funding for a project? It seems to me like you’ve got to have a huge following before proposing a project to potential backers

    2. Hi there.

      I’m not privy to the Foglio’s business scheme, but as I understand it, the Kickstarter enables them to generate the money to get volume 13 printed, and anythng over the immediate target goes to supporting the project as a whole.The volume 12 Kickstarter was so massively overfunded last year that it actually paid to get all the first eleven volumes back into print, and much more. They’re completely independant, and if all you want to do is read Girl Genius, the whole lot is free on-line. I like the books, they’re well-produced, the art’s great, the story’s every bit as good (I have a theory about one character that I’ve suspected since volume 10, and I’ve no idea how many more years I’m going to have to wait until I find out if I’m right or not!).

      Certainly I’ve never thought of offering anything via Kickstarter. The Foglios have an edge being established, but there are plenty of Kickstarters being funded by people who are unknown: one of these days, if I can get a bit ahead of the treadmill, I may try it.

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