Robert Neill web-site (in preparation)

I’ve added a new link to the Blogroll, which I’m also including here: if you click on it will take you to the first web-site to be devoted to the works of the popular historical fiction writer, Robert Neill, famous for the novel Mist over Pendle, available to this day, treating of the background to the famous Lancashire Witch Trial of 1612.

The site is the inspiration of my colleague Ron Catterall, and will in due course become home to a revised set of my essays on Neill’s sixteen novels, but we are working towards putting together as much information as can be determined about Neill’s works, his life, his approaches to writing and supplementary information which we hope will interest, entertain and maybe even enlighten those who already love Neill’s work, as well as attract the interest of those who have yet to discover Neill’s books.

We’re in the early stages, so the site as it stands is very much a work-in-progress, but you’re welcome to visit straight away, and to browse the beginnings of our investigations. What’s more, if you have any information, or opinion on Robert Neill, his life and/or writing, or even if you have something you would like to see examined or explained further, please do get in touch: all contributors will be welcomed and you can contact me direct via

For all of you who, like us, regard Robert Neill as the truly excellent writer he was, and who wish to see him propery celebrated in this digital age, we hope we can provide a worthy tribute. Join us.





3 thoughts on “Robert Neill web-site (in preparation)

  1. Martin


    This site ( just showed up unexpectedly in my browser (Firefox) and reminded me of how I disappeared around 2015. That year my wife had retired and spent 10 months iat the Sloan Kettering in New York for cancer treatment (second round!) and all our five dogs chose that year to die of old age – one every two months. I’m afraid Robert Neill went out of my life that year. But Luz has now done her five years on remission, and we got a new dog this year – or rather he found us!

    So I dug out the site from that timel Still works.

    I’m still re-reading Neill’s work.

    All the best

    1. Nice to hear from you again, Ron, and very pleased to hear that the tribulations of 2015 seem to be a thing of the past: long may they remain so.

      I haven’t re-read Neill since my series on here: with very few exceptions, once I’ve done a full, book-my-book run, it seems to put the work away in my head. But not forever.

      May 2021 be a better year for bor=th of you than I imagine 2020 will have been.

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