24 Live Another Day: 1.00 – 2.00pm

She looks better than this in other series, folks

More of the same, only different. That was what I was thinking throughout most of episode 3, and it was true for both the episode itself, and for my reactions to it. It’s still the same high action, blitz them with it so they won’t have time to think, mavericks still playing their ends-justify-the-means bullshit, terrorists out to destroy without ever really defining why, or what might follow, and the weak one who will be killed not less than three episodesfrom the end, and probably sooner. Oh, and the President’s Chief of Staff is conspiring behind his back, yet again.

And I’m still just as unconvinced, uncomitted and ungripped with it as I was with the first two episodes, and all for the same reason. The London setting’s a gimmick since the show is just going to trample on everything pertaining to its location to enable it to perform exactly as it did for eight series back home,anddon’t believe the bit about worrying about British sensitivities because it’s as phoney as a wooden nickel.

There’s a typical lurch into melodrama as Chloe gets distracted at exactly the right moment to let the girl assassin get away. You see, what neither Jack nor any of the rest of us knows, since it hasn’t had any decent foreshadowing, is that Morris and Prescott (Chloe’s husband and son) are dead, run over by a truck, only Chloe was the target: cue tears and a gruff, manly hug from Jack, who even lets his eyesget wet at the thought of her loss. But then again, Jack’s a specialist when it comes to loss, isn’t he?

Then there’s the girl assassin, Simone (played in a very short mini-skirt with patterned tights and great legs by Emily Barrington). Simone’s resourceful and committed, but then why shouldn’t she be, being a second generation terrorist, raised by notorious husband and wife terrorists to plot, kill, and sleep with no-marks in order to get stuff off them: if it was good enough for Mummy, it’s good enough for not-so-little Simone, though it’s a point that Simone’s husband Navid is currently struggling to accept. Though, as Navid has Doubts, and Mummy-Terrorist is watching by surveillance cameras the lovely Simone tries to shag some conviction back into him, I think we can safely say young Navid isn’t going to see episode 12. Will Simone approve in view of the cause,  or will she be distraught at Mummy Darling chopping off her beloved’s bollocks?

Even in series 8, that’s something I would have cared about but no, not this time. 24 may only be 12 this time out, but I am already hanging in there hoping for the end.

But as the episode got into it’s last act, all pretenc to anything resembling reality, even in 24‘s terms, just toppled over and went down the pan. Sneaky Chief of Staff and son-in-law Mark has been warning President Heller that an address to Parliament is not wise because the MPs will howl him down in much the same manner as the demonstraters outside the American Embassy, and I’ve been regarding that idea with no little dubiety but, guess what, when everyone turns up to listen to Heller in a room that’s almost exactly unlike Parliament, they don’t even let him get past Hello before they’re shouting and slandering him.

Now I’m not overfond of our MPs and this Parliament, but this is ludicrously unrealistic, as is the whole idea of the President of America addressing Parliament against the wishes of the Prime Minister, and I can’t take this series seriously any more.

I’m going to try to keep watching it, on a Mastermind basis, though I can foresee these blogs getting less respectful by the week. This is already a disaster, but will it improve. Will it get worse? Can it get worse? Oh, that one you better believe.

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