JLA Incarnations 6: The Old 52, or, Blink and you’ll miss them

I present this without comment

This one’s a joke, but we’d better include it.
After Infinite Crisis, the whole DC Universe moved One Year Later, paving the way to form a new Justice League.
The idea was that, during that year, there’d been no Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, no Justice League or Society. Things changed, the One Year Later issues presented a new status quo that you had to piece together. And in the meantime, there was 52.
52 was DC’s first official weekly series, written by a quartet of writers (Waid, Morrison, Johns and Greg Rucka), each issue covering seven days of the missing year. It was intended to fill in the pieces. Unfortunately, nobody foresaw that they were throwing four competitive writers into a story with an already fixed ending (i.e., the first month of One Year Later) and that if these guys were going to be writing this for twelve months…
But let’s pass over what became of 52 and instead focus upon issue 24, in which Firestorm reforms the Justice League in its Sixth Incarnation. He recruits Firehawk, Super-Chief, Bulleteer and Ambush Bug (and if the last of these didn’t tell you that this wouldn’t be a serious League, you’re hopeless). Much is made over a couple of preceding issues of the origin of the new Super-Chief (a revival of a very short-lived Western character in the very early Sixties, immediately before the Silver Age superheroes started their inexorable march to dominance) only for him to be killed in the League’s first – and only – battle, after which Firestorm disbanded this League.
Only the Detroit League welcomed this little snoozer: now they’re no longer the JL’s nadir.

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