Wasp Genocide!

It was more than a little embarrassing, having to turn up for my annual diabetic eye examination looking as scruffy as I did, but when I popped my head into my bathroom this morning for a shower and shave, I found it occupied by four or five active wasps. I had obviously lain-in long enough for some degree of internal warmness to activate them into, well, life.

It was them or me and you’ll have gathered from the last couple of posts that in any such situation it most definitely is them. So I resorted to the best possible wash I could manage in the kitchen sink, and headed out, the bathroom door firmly closed behind me. En route to the opticians, I bought a nice, big aerosol can of wasp killer.

Having returned with the advice that my eyesight has actually improved since last year – I know, and at my age too – I carefully peeked into the bathroom. As my waspy invaders had not had the decency to commit mass suicide, I gave them both barrels, right between the antenna. Actually, aerosol cans don’t have two barrels, just the everyday one, but I bet they’d sell an awful lot more if they just jazzed the can up a little bit, so that us not-quite-phobics can really lay it on.

So the bathroom currently resembles a wasp charnel house and will require some delicate work with dustpan and brush when I get back from my flu jab.

When, hopefully, I can bring this sudden thread of posts about one of my least favourite topics in the world to a deserved end. Roll on Winter!

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