Saturday Eurocrime – Fulfilment Postponed

Not just yet…

So there I was thinking, it’s November, we ought to be within sight of the usual January transmission of The Bridge, series 3, with some revelations as to how Saga’s devotion to her duty played out for Martin. Something to look forward to for the post-Xmas Saturday nights.

I figured that if I checked up on-line, I should be able to get some idea about transmission dates without causing myself grief by discovering any unwanted spoilers. And that’s where things went horribly wrong.

People, there will be no The Bridge 3, not until the autumn of 2015. Waily, waily, waily.

And the third series will not feature Kim Bodnia although, in a sliver of silver lining, we are told that this does not rule out his returning in later series: a hitherto unsuspected suggestion that The Bridge may not follow the Sandinavian pattern established by The Killing and Borgen in restricting itself to only three series.

There were no hints as to the potential storyline of series 3, which is currently being written, and I wouldn’t have read them if there had been. But we are advised that the series will deal with Saga having to cope with the loss of her only friend.

I’m not going to speculate. I do wonder how the series can proceed without the strong contrast between its two leads. Kim Bodnia’s presence has been crucial to the success of both series to date and given that the fundamental aspect of The Bridge has been its contrast between the Danish and Swedish natures (no matter how little of this an English audience actually discerns), surely there must be a Danish pole of sorts to be inserted.

And we have to wait until after next year’s summer! This is almost as bad, no, it’s even worse than the wait for Cumberbatch and Freeman to become available for the fourth series of Sherlock.

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