Beyond Redemption 2

So, here’s the thing: in response to complaints that there was potentially something not open and above board as to the process for awarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively, FIFA appoint an independent investigator.

They don’t give him any power to make people answer his question and Russia refuses utterly to comply.

Nevertheless, he completes his investigations and files an extensive report. Instead of publishing it, FIFA decide to only give an summary of the findings, which is that nothing whatsoever in the least bit dodgy has been discovered.

The Investigator immediately protests, on the basis that this summary is completely unjustifiable based upon his investigations. He appeals against it.

At the same time, two witnesses who gave evidence to the investigator on condition of anonymity, citing concerns about personal security as a result of their testimony, are exposed by FIFA, who do not release their names, but merely identify them by details that apply to no other persons whatsoever.

The whistleblowers appeal.

FIFA investigates the appeals. People implicated in the original claims investigate the appeal. FIFA rejects the appeal. After all, despite the fact the Judge giving the summary was officially relaying FIFA’s response to the report, his summary was only ‘his opinion’.

The Investigator resigns. What the hell else can he do?

And people continue to believe that FIFA can be reformed if Sepp Blatter would only go and retire.


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