It’s that time again – a spot of self-congratulation

As regular readers of this blog will already know, there is one self-indulgent ritual I perform, at a certain interval. By referring to ‘self-indulgence’, I mean that this is not a blog about myself and my life, but instead about my opinions and reactions to things that amuse, entertain and interest me. Of course, blogs are wholly self-indulgent things in the first place: why should you be even remotely interested in anything I have to say?

But the evidence is that people do, on a daily basis, for which I am forever grateful. And I keep pumping out blogposts. And every now and then we pass my personal counter for a landmark which, in keeping with my love of cricket, is ‘Nelson’: 111.

So this is this blog’s Septuple Nelson post, my 777th since first venturing my tentative opinions in April 2011.

I shall do this again in another 111 posts.

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