The Distractions: Parabolically Yours – Update

I woke up this morning to an unwelcome surprise in my Inbox. I recently pre-ordered a digital download of the 40 tracks that constitute the complete Distractions project. The release has been well-established, so I was somewhat surprised that the tracks were not actually available immediately, but I was assured that I would receive the link at the appropriate time.

However, I’ve been notified that my payment has been refunded, which PayPal has confirmed. No further comment, no explanation, and when I go to Pledge Music, all it tells me is that this project has been closed. I have e-mailed Pledge Music with a request for information but heard nothing.

I really don’t understand what is going on, and to say that I am massively unimpressed to have my order rejected in such a peremptory manner, without any reason, does not incline me towards any other Distractions projects. It’s not like I’d ordered something physically limited in number, like the CD/LP box-set: the digital downloads should be theoretically infinite.


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