Another Nelson

It’s that time again.

A Nelson on this blog means a brief but self-indulgent post to mark an anniversary that nobody else is aware of, and probably could care considerably less when the subject comes up.

Nelson, for the non-cricketing among you, is a term signalling a score of 111 or a multiple thereof (Admiral Nelson has one eye, one arm and one… let’s not take this further). It’s a superstition that when a team, or a player’s score, is on Nelson, or any multiple thereof, a wicket is likely to fall, so all those with an interest in wickets not falling have to raise their feet off the floor.

This post is Octuple Nelson for this blog, meaning it’s the 888th posted in the just over four years I’m been sending my thoughts and opinions out into the World Wide Web, and I always pause to mark this landmark.

Thanks as always for reading and, mainly, liking my output – or at least not conspicuously disliking what I write, with the exception of the reader who voted me one star for my excoriation of the Still Open All Hours Xmas Special. You are hereby warned that I will do this again in another 111 posts.

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