Dan Dare plagiarism – part 3

I’m gratified to note that, on Peter Crawford’s Dan Dare blog, the entire story page, which contained the vast majority of rip-offs of my essays here, no longer exists: thank you, Google.

This still leaves his Introduction, which is, of course, my Introduction, and the section on Flamer Spry on the page about Characters is my ‘Elephant in the Spaceship’ blog, with some light editing to remove the title.

Hopefully, Mr Crawford will take the hint and clean up his act, but if those pages still exist tomorrow, I’ll be submitting further Complaints about both.

Get it through your head, Mr Crawford, that what other people spend time and thought in preparing and writing and putting on the Internet is not for you to freely thieve and claim to be your own work. Someone supposedly ten years older than me, not that your picture suggests that, should have been taught better.

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