An Unwanted Opinion on Terry Pratchett

Apparently, a couple of weeks ago, Jonathan Jones, the Art Critic for the Guardian gave his opinion that all the Discworld books were third rate and potboilers, and that he didn’t need to read any of them to know this.

What else he may have said, nor what response was made to this fatuous statement I don’t know since Mr Jones is one of the increasing number of people who write for the Guardian or the Observer whose crap I simply refuse to read, having wasted far too much of an already long existence in reading their stuff. In Mr Jones’ case, he is an arrogant, self-regarding wanker whose attitude is that his opinions are immutable fact.

Today, another little piece appears on the Guardian website from the egregious Mr Jones, saying that he’s now read Terry Pratchett (what? all of him?), and that the truth is now that Pratchett is more entertainment than art.

That’s the bit that pops up in the sub-heading because, once again, I have no intention of reading what he’s written, and even less interest in his opinion. Because in either case, what Mr Jones has not apparently taken into account is that who, in their right mind, gives a shit what he thinks anyway?

He’s insulted a very successful, and recently deceased author by forming an opinion on deliberate and determined ignorance, and now he’s trying to backtrack by making the least possible concession, and that based on likely too little evidence. What if he’s based that reluctant and partial retraction based upon The Shepherd’s Crown alone? That’s far from being an example of Pratchett at his best.

I’m not putting in links to either of Jones’ pieces because, like I’ve already said, I think his bullshit opinions are completely worthless about anything, and especially about Terry Pratchett’s writing. Pratchett has always been subject to snobbery from the Literary Establishment (he can’t write! he doesn’t even put in chapters! There you go, people, the key to Literary quality, always remember to put in chapters).

At the end of the day, only one opinion matters and that is your own. Stick to what you believe, and don’t let some jumped up sod who thinks his opinions are pure gold concern you.


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