Dr Who series 9: Uncollected Thoughts part 2

Actually, I forgot this was on.

I’ve watched the second episode via the i-Player. It wasn’t as frenetic as the first part, nor, quite, as silly. Instead, it was tedious and long-winded, and boring, and I only stayed to the end out of duty, which for the few of you interested in my words about Dr Who, I’m going to betray anyway.

It just wasn’t worth talking about. It was dull. And Capaldi was as hammy as a ton of hickory ham.

If Moffat ever leaves, someone nudge me. And please, please let Mark Gatiss have the major influence on Sherlock.

6 thoughts on “Dr Who series 9: Uncollected Thoughts part 2

      1. I agree that Moffat burned himself out by writing for the show too long–anyone would after writing for a show for 12 years. He probably should have kept Matt Smith on for one more series, and really resolve all his plot threads in the way they deserved, and go out on a high note. Instead of rushing those resolutions in Time of the Doctor.

        But I really like the Capaldi years anyway.

  1. If Matt Smith wanted to stay. What he should really have done is bin Jenna Coleman after The Day of the Doctor, but we can all be wise after the fact.

    1. Smith was *this* close to staying! And he now regrets not doing one more. If he had, I feel like Moffat would have left with him after 1 or two more series of getting out of that tangled mess he’d weaved.

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