Dr Who, series 9: A More Collected Afterthought

Just one more thing on last night’s Dr Who that has been nagging me today. The whole point of the episode was that The Doctor is so damned brilliant and clever that he’d foreseen entirely Davros’s plot and had played along from start to finish, whilst being completely in control, because, you know, he’s The Doctor!

So explain to me what part of the Doctor’s marvelous plan involved him deliberately giving up enough regeneration energy to not only regenerate the on-his-last-castors Davros, but also the entire Dalek race, to the point where they are now even more powerful and dangerous than ever before? This was a cunning plan because it achieved… what?

And if he gave up enough Regeneration energy for all that, how many lives does that represent?

Or was it merely that Stephen Moffat is so in love with his own f***king cleverness that he didn’t think this through?

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