You’re Recommending What?!

eBay has gone off its head. Its algorithms have cracked.

How else can you explain the home page I have just opened? Last night, in preparation for another chronological readthrough/blog series, I rebought cheaply a couple of books by the late, great SF author, Alfred Bester. The latter of these was Golem 100, a fast-paced, aggressive prefiguration of cyberpunk, a roller-coaster book.

Today, based on my purchase of this SF novel, eBay’s recommendations based thereupon are: The Experts Guide to the Triathlon, A Complete Guide to Scottish Country Dancing and Enciclopedieto de Cinio. This appears to be an Encyclopedia of, or probably in, Esperanto.

What the hell?

2 thoughts on “You’re Recommending What?!

  1. I once had a fascinating conversion with a Scottish country dancer in a lay-by beneath Ben Wyvis while changing out of my hiking gear. There is more to Scottish country dancing than meets the eye. It might be worth buying. Also, it would be interesting to see what eBay recommended next.
    Cheers, Alen

  2. And I once tried to chat up a nice looking blonde girl I kept meeting on the bus home from work, who did Scottish Country dancing. She exploited my interest to get me to meet her boyfriend who tried to sell me Pensions.

    Then I bought a car.

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