Life of a Mountain – Blencathra

Oh boy!

Here I am, lying around feeling sorry for myself with a nasty, griping throat and a head that feels like another thought will never cross it again and I stumble across brilliant news.

I have twice praised Terry Abraham’s stunning film, Life of a Mountain – Scafell Pike, both in the edited version broadcast on BBC2 in the early part of this year and the full-length version available on DVD. Now, idly browsing a feature on ‘The Ten Greatest Walks in the Lake District’ on the website for The Great Outdoors magazine, the profile of David Powell-Thompson alerted me to the news that Terry is currently researching a sequel about the magnificent Blencathra.

The new film is set for release next year, giving me at least one thing to look forward to in 2016.Premier scheduled for the Rheged Centre, Penrith, on 16 May.

Sight unseen, I’m prepared to plug it to everyone who loves the Lakes and its mountains, even if it appears that Terry has decided to involve ‘celebrities’ in at least one part of this piece. The clip on the TGO site is about the infamous and nerve-wracking Sharp Edge, and features Stuart Maconie and Ed Byrne.

Maconie I can stand but as for Byrne, well, I’m not going to watch the clip, I want to experience the whole thing as a pristine, fresh, experience, so I can only hope he fell off. Not necessarily on that bit, but I shall be very interested to see how that section gets filmed and if Abrahams has worked out a method of filming that captures the experience, I would prefer to watch that little sequence behind several sofas, with someone else’s hands across my eyes, and maybe in a different room in a different house.

(I got across intact but, even if I were suddenly back at my peak, I would think long and hard – possibly until I was well off my peak again – before going that way a second time.)

One hopes that this is merely the second in a long list of such films…


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