The Sound of one Trumpet Blowing

There I was, watching this week’s episode of Supergirl this morning, and pretty much congratulating myself on spotting the big reveal coming down the line. And I was going to put up the first version of this post as a modest bit of blowing my own trumpet.

I’m glad I didn’t,that I waited for the review, and more importantly the comments already being posted by the myriads of others who had also got the big reveal ahead of time, several of them much earlier in the episode than I had and, in a couple of cases, much, much earlier in the season than I had.

So let’s not go off boasting that much there, Crookall. Save it for when you really do read the runes in good time, eh?

I’m sorry? What? You’re asking what the big reveal was? Well, it’s Hank Henshaw: he’s really the…

Sorry, if you really want to know, watch the damned programme.


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