What’s it like to be a Red?: the view from 6 February 2016

So, after things had gone quiet and I’d almost started to relax again, there’s a massive claim that Manchester United have entered negotiations to bring Jose Mourinho in as manager at the end of the season. This is apparently on the basis that, having more or less demonstrated that they weren’t interested in all the many drawbacks having Mourinho around the place (which tend to outlast his every two-and-a-bit seasons reign), the news that Guardiola is taking over the Bitters this summer means we have to try a retaliatory strike.

That United have refused to comment instead of rejecting the notion out of hand fills me with fear that there is some truth behind this claim. My apprehension is further stirred by Louis van Gaal’s decision on the very same day that United’s recent upsurge, and the sudden arrival of six goals in the last two games, does not constitute any change in direction, or philosophy, or a relaxing of the rigidity with which the manager has been operating these last two years.

What he’s doing is claiming that both Wayne Rooney and Jessie Lingard are lying when they both say they’ve been encouraged to play with more freedom, and that playing Juan Mata in his best position instead of on the right wing is because he’s playing better, and not the other way round.

In short, Louis’s making himself look a complete idiot, given that anyone who knows a thing about football can tell exactly why United’s performance has brightened in the last couple of games, and it’s not the natural extension of van Gaal’s philosophy, finally working.

I repeat: if Mourinho comes in, I go out. Once again I’m starting to fear that that may be going to happen.


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