A Semblance of Normality

It’s nearly five years since I started my current job, after a period of upheavals that marked a definitive breach between my old life and my present one. Among the things I gave up, in return for such things as money to pay for food and rent, was the traditional working week. Since that time, days of leave and holidays excepting, I have worked every other weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

As of yesterday, however, I have moved on to new shifts. As it happened, Friday’s new shift was identical to that on my old shift, so today’s the first day I’ve noticed the difference. Henceforth, I will not be working Saturday/Sunday weekends. Every fourth week, I will work Sunday instead of Thursday, which is really not an imposition.

It feels terribly strange to have gone back to the working week, to look forward and know that I shalln’t have to do mental arithmetic on Saturday events any more, and reluctantly turn things down because I’ll be on the phones that weekend.

Of course, what I’ve gained on the swings, I’ve paid back on the roundabouts, as my new shifts will see me working 1.00pm to 9.00pm Monday to Friday, which isn’t fun. On the other hand, my shifts are now all eight hours in length: no more ten, ten-and-a-half and especially eleven hour shifts. On Monday, I will not be working from 10.00am to 9.00pm on my seventh working day in eight. Today, I did not have to be logged on at 9.00am, having only logged off last night at 9.00pm.

So here’s to me, and to a more balanced life, and more time to relax and recover. Maybe the standard of writing on here will improve? That way, we all benefit, right?


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