The Mysteries of Logic

For the last three and a half years, I have been working some very eccentric and imbalanced shifts over a fortnightly cycle, which have essentially added up to a very heavy eight days followed by a very light six days.

Last year, my employers decided to consult over a massive, estate-wide shift realignment, producing a compact number of shift-patterns to choose amongst. All the available shifts, barring three,  included working one day (or more) of each weekend, fifty two weeks a year. As this did not suit me, I selected the three shifts that gave me some complete weekends free. Two of these patterns were then withdrawn due to lack of interest: by default, I got my second choice.

Prior to accepting, we were all given the opportunity to request flexible adjustments. I sought a minor variation – that each Wednesday I work 11.00am – 7.00pm instead of 1.00 – 9.00pm every other weekday. That adjustment was rejected, and I appealed. My appeal was heard two weeks ago, and the decision has today been notified to me.

All three of the grounds on which I relied to support my appeal have been rejected as invalid. But my appeal has been upheld, and my shift-pattern will be adjusted as I requested.

The logic is incomprehensible, but I’m not arguing.


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