Football fans – don’t you just love them?

The logic of some football fans is brilliant at times, and I don’t mean that in a complementary way.

Sunday’s quarter-final defeat by Watford over the Cup-holders, Arsenal, was great for those of us who enjoy seeing Arsene Wenger suffer discomfiture and, whilst I didn’t get to see the game, I believe that a certain section of the Gooners’ crowd raised a banner suggesting that it was time for ‘Le Professeur’ to move on.

This was raised in the latter part of the day, on Sky Sports News, with a number of other fans, one of whom expressed himself as having been made ‘sick to his stomach’ by sight of the banner. This was a guy in at least his forties, of a robust girth similar to mine, but considerably less hair. Not a kid then.

He also expressed perfect confidence in Arsenal’s success this season in the Premier League. There had been seasons in the Wenger past where the club, seemingly out of it, went on end of season runs of consecutive wins and captured the Premier League title.

There were nine games left in the season, he said, and if Arsenal win all nine, they’ll be champions. Simple as that.

Or rather, simple-minded as that. If Arsenal were to go on a nine-match winning run, they would amass a further 27 points, taking their end of season tally to 79. Leicester, as of last night, have 63 points with eight games to go. If they were to win six of those games, not even seven out of eight, it wouldn’t matter a blade of Emirates Stadium grass how many or few games Arsenal won.

You’d think someone his age would know basic maths, wouldn’t you?

I love football fans.


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