A Moment of Dave Sim

It’s now over a decade since Cerebus finished, and in all that time I’ve read the comic that I followed monthly for twenty-three years only once. Artistically, Dave Sim was, and still is, a genius who deserves to be celebrated, but in his attitudes to women and religion, his copybook has long been blotted beyond any chance of ever being read again.

For the last couple of years at least, I’ve been following the A Moment of Cerebus blog-site, daily, relishing the frequent examples of art, many of the anecdotes, several of the third party responses and almost none of Sim’s pronouncements.

I’m not going to try to set out Sim’s beliefs. He has long since been described as a misogynist, and whilst he disagrees, and whilst a couple of thousand people have signed an online petition to say that they too do not believe he is a misogynist, I find the case all too blatantly proven by Sim’s multifarious statements. It means I shall never have any communication with Sim again, because he will only permit this with those who, in writing, agree that he is not a misogynist.

Sim neither owns nor runs A Moment of Cerebus, but it extensively features his thoughts, beliefs and opinions or, to characterise them as Sim does, the God-given absolute truth that will inevitably sweep away all this feminist nonsense within te next decade or two.

Permanently available on the site is Sim’s anti-feminist manifesto, ‘Fifteen Impossible Things to believe before Breakfast’, originally published in Cerebus, in which Sim sets out his irrefutable case in detail. He has referred to this catalogue hundreds of times.

Recently, for the first time since it was first posted on the blog, a reader has written in to counter-argue the Fifteen Points. It’s hardly necessary to say that Sim has refused to accept any points raised by his correspondent. I confess to not having read more than a few lines of Sim’s reply. I have read too much of Sim’s reasoning down the years to be prepared to waste my time on ‘more-of-the-same’. There has been some back-and-forth, but Sim remains unchanged.

In itself, that’s hardly worthy of comment. But this is the latest posting by Sim, on this subject, today:

“Just a quick note that I promised to address Erick on the 15 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS because he actually posted — according to Tim W, the first one to ever do so — his 15 replies.

This isn’t MY website.  It’s Tim W’s.  If he wants to do this again:  post Barry Deutsch’s 15 RESPONSES and then Damian’s 15 RESPONSES and have me reply to them — and anyone else who wants to post 15 RESPONSES, I have no problem with that.  But, at some point I think he should change the name of the site to A MOMENT OF FEMINISM.

Just saying.”

This is an open statement that the mere act of allowing a person to make an argument adverse to Sim’s beliefs is in itself an act of unjustifiable support for feminism, notwithstanding the free rein Sim has to respond, with the permanent last word, and that reference to Cerebus should be removed from the website’s title.  Sim’s basic point is that men are Rational Beings, based in Thought, whilst women are Irrational Beings, based in emotion, which has no place in any form of decision making. Yet here he is, acting like a spoilt brat, suggesting that even listening to ‘the other side’ is a penal offence that means the offender should be characterised as being a girl, all the while that Sim threatens to take his ball home.
It’s contemptuous behaviour on any level. Sim simply isn’t worthy of being listened to. And he used to be a hero of mine, and a tremendously creative figure. So long ago, and so far away.

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