My Cup Runneth Over


Not only is it getting increasingly likely that there will be an unprecedented fourth series of The Bridgethough if this comes off, it will be the last one – but Kim Bodnia may well be back as Martin Rohde too!

It seems that the difference of direction that kept him out of series 3 was the show’s desire to have him out of prison, whereas Bodnia wanted only to appear if he was in prison (and absolutely right he was, too). Unfortunately, that spelled the death warrant for poor old Hans, Saga’s boss, since if Martin had been part of the story, it was his boss, Lillian, who would have been bumped off.

That leaves me with the urge, yet again, to find some kind of safe passage to Earth-2 where I can watch that version of series 3. Meanwhile, all fingers (and appendages) crossed that The Bridge 4 is commissioned, and that Martin will also be back.

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