End of Term Report: The Big Bang Theory

Still funny after all these years

Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory has closed out with rather less of a stinger moment than we’re used to, which will no doubt lead to another hailstorm of criticism that it isn’t as funny as it was when it started, more demands to get rid of the girls and yet more sneering from those who despise the show as the worst kind of pre-strained pap ever recorded.

Me, I still like it and here’s to season 10, coming up in September.

I’ve been a fan of TBBT since I first saw it, on C4, very early into its first season, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s not the first sitcom I’ve found hilarious, but it is unique in being the only one that I can watch constantly and still find as funny as if I were watching it for the first time.

Of course it isn’t as funny as it used to be, and of course it’s changed over nine seasons. Nothing gets to stay as good forever, especially when it’s broadcast 207 episodes. I mean, Porridge lasted 21 episodes, Fawlty Towers 12 and The Office 12 plus two specials. And, over nine seasons, the characters have evolved as a result of their experiences: for them not to have done so would have been ridiculous.

Season 9 has been the middle of a three season order that’s allowed the show to run easily. Possibly it has gotten a little lazy. This season began with the aftermath of Leonard and Penny’s spur of the moment wedding, but the show chose to have its cake and eat it by keeping Leonard living with Sheldon. The jokes about Penny being out of Leonard’s class have only mutated slightly. It’s been business as usual, with the main developments being ones that the show, in its formative years, wouldn’t have countenanced: Sheldon having sex with Amy at mid-season, Raj having two girlfriends at the same time and, the dreaded cliche, Bernadette becoming pregnant.

I don’t laugh as often as I do. One or two episodes were a bit dull. And the season ender had the smell of unfinished business about it, as if there were was another episode to come in which the set-ups would be resolved. It felt rather unsatisfactory if that is to be left hanging over the summer.

There’s been talk that TBBT will end after the tenth season. If that’s so, then sobeit. I have loved this show for what will this time next year be a full decade precisely because it is the closest a TV sitcom has come to understanding me. It’s geek humour: its subjects, its themes, its characters’ inadequacies are all things I know from the inside out, and it has reflected me back onto the screen over and over  again. I think Kaley Cuoco is gorgeous and her comic timing is brilliant: her relationship with Leonard has gone through all the stages of my love life and I have howled in recognition more times than I could possibly ever count.

It means that I can never be entirely objective about the show, and that I really couldn’t give a damn about other people’s opinions: if you don’t like it, fuck off and watch something else. It’s not like you haven’t got a choice. For me, even half good TBBT is funnier than anything else out there at the moment, and if it doesn’t get to season 11, I will miss it more than any other series I’ve ever watched.

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