It’s enough that Manchester United are now going to appoint Jose Mourinho as Manager, a decision as wrong-headed as Brian Clough’s takeover at Leeds United all those years ago, but to break that news within minutes of yesterday’s FA Cup win was an utter disgrace. I may not like Louis van Gaal or what he has done with United – after all, most of United’s play last night was the same slow, dull, turgid, passion- and inspiration-less football we’ve suffered all season – but he deserved to enjoy his triumph at least until this morning.

As did I , and those United fans who think like me. I didn’t even get to relish being the Cup holders. Mourinho is poison,in so many ways. He will cause chaos, he will bring disaster. He will leave things worse than when Fergie left. I can’t support a Mourinho-led club. I have to step back.

It makes an already shitty life even shittier. It puts a wall between me and the club I support. By their shittiness shall ye recognise them. Until he’s gone, I’m gone.

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