Crap Journalism: How I Quit Diet Coke

I suspect this is going to become a very regular feature on this blog. As I have previously mentioned, I was registered with the Guardian to comment on their comment threads, but cancelled my membership as far back as 2012, over certain policies towards regular commentators. Since then, I have had no means to respond directly to articles, as I refuse to re-register with a new account.

So I’m going to sound off here whenever I see something that deserves scathing response, under the Crap Journalism heading.

This article‘s a few days old. Basically, it’s about Diet Coke and it being bad for you, and how breaking an addiction to it (which the writer still hasn’t quite achieved) is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

Ok, fine, personal interest story, we get it. But Ms Valle starts her piece, and keeps bringing up, over and over, that Diet Coke tastes awful. Everybody hates the taste of it.

Hmm. I like Diet Coke. It doesn’t taste awful to me (takes swig from bottle). Article refuted, case collapses entirely, waste of space.

Yes, this is another of those yet again articles where a journalist mistakes their personal opinion for an objective fact. It’s the most basic of crap journalism, but it pervades the Guardian like the smell of a skunk pervades a room, and it’s just as pleasant to read. I automatically dismiss all such things as unimportant, and the journalist as having nothing to say.

There’ll be another example along any day now. Don’t worry, I won’t call out all of them.



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