Ten Weeks Ago today…

…I went to the Rheged Centre, near Penrith, to see Terry Abraham’s Life of a Mountain – Blencathra.

In the evening, alone and exhausted in my hotel room, I used my laptop to watch the pilot episode of Person of Interest, of which I had heard enough to suggest it might be of interest (heh, heh) to me. Indeed it was. By the following Sunday night, I had watched the entire 23 episode first series.

This morning to afternoon, I have binge-watched the final four episodes of season 5, the series’ final episodes. Ten weeks, give or take a few hours, to watch a complete series from end to end, 103 episodes in total, an average of over ten a week.

And the ending was wrackingly emotional and painful and yet beautiful and perfect. People who have become objects of fascination to me over the past ten weeks died. Some survived. Something survived that may suggest that the story lingers on in episodes that will never be filmed, restored to its original, seemingly narrow purpose. One love never was, yet strangely might survive in an odd form. One love that had been broken was restored.

It’s been intense. In a few days, when the rush subsides, I’ll write about Person of Interest. For now, though, I’m going food-shopping. One hundred episodes in ten weeks kinda contracts your free time.

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