Am I doing something right?

I’m not quite sure if this means anything but, after having failed to complete the Guardian Cryptic Crossword more than once in the past two years minimum, and maybe even longer, I have just completed two in successive days.

Now the first of these was Monday’s Rufus, and his is the traditionally easy Monday crossword. Even so, I’ve really struggled on his puzzles more than once, this year alone.

But today’s is by one of the newer setters, Nutmeg, whose style I have so far failed to absorb. There’s quite a few who usually do the midweek puzzles that I really can’t follow, to the extent that, most of the time, I don’t even check out the solutions because it takes me all my time to understand them.

And I’ve gone and completed her Tuesday puzzle.

This is a sudden reversal of the pattern of gradual mental decline from which I’ve been suffering for quite some time. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever – and we’re going back to January 1988 or ’89 here – completed two consecutive puzzles before.

Yay, me!


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