The Fall is falling into place

It’s been a quiet summer in many respects, especially this last fortnight when I’ve had a number of issues that have kept me away from the laptop. But the Fall season is nearly upon us and my regular round of television commitments will be resuming, and I haven’t made half the use of the summer months to catch-up that I had planned (though a recent few days off ill have seen me half way through the seventh season of Homicide: Life on the Street).

That’ll start to change soon, as the Fall line-up has been announced, and the weekly round of fitting everything in resumes.

First out of the blocks is my long-term favourite, The Big Bang Theory, starting season 10 as early as a week on Monday, September 19. This is the last of the current three-season order, so the season will count as to prospects of further renewal in 2017. Me, I’ll just be glad of the laughs to be had on Tuesday 20 September. This will only be a five week deal, after which the show will revert to its regular Thursday night/Friday morning slot.

Then Marvel’s Agents of Shield picks up the next night for season 4, with many changes. It’s also been pushed back an hour in the original schedule which, together with the cancellation of Agent Carter and the non pick-up of Most Wanted despite two pilots, suggests that I might have a slot needing filling this time next year.

Speaking of which, Lucifer will also be back on the 19, but we shalln’t be watching that any more.

Those are just the precursors: the remaining shows won’t be back until October. The DC line-up on the CW, now with value-added Supergirl, starts the first week of the month, with The Flash and Arrow on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 respectively, with Supergirl (Monday 10) and Legends of Tomorrow (Thursday 13) bracketing them from the following week.

That takes care of the surviving shows from last season’s menu, but in the spirit of lose-one-gain-one, I am adding iZombie to my weekly fare, though the third season of that won’t air until ‘midseason’, so whether that means this side of Xmas or the other, I don’t yet know.

Six shows, five of them hour-long superhero dramas: you don’t think I’m getting to be a bit predictable, do you?

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