24: Legacy – will I never escape?

No fair at all
No fair at all

Oh dear, oh dear. Kiefer Sutherland may have gotten out of 24 at long last, but that didn’t mean the world’s most bullgoose looney terror’n’torture show was letting go since it immediately reincarnated itself as 24: Legacy, starring Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter.

Still, it’s a very simple matter to just ignore the show.  I don’t have to watch it, I am a free agent, I am not a number.

So, what do they do? The bastards only go and cast Miranda Otto in a prominent role in the cast. Miranda Otto, who was Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings and who was the cause of some mild friction between me and my then elder stepson over who fancied her more.

It’s not fair, I tell you, playing on a chap’s weaknesses like that. I feel my pain.

2 thoughts on “24: Legacy – will I never escape?

  1. I know. It makes it worse that she’s a damned good actress as well as being irresistible to the eye. It’s elevating the 24 spin-off above its station. Still, I suppose I could do a snark blog again: I’ll have loads of material.

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