Crap Journalism 3 – Who exactly are we talking about here?

He's the boyfriend, idiot.
He’s the boyfriend, idiot.

When I started this little sub-theme, I anticipated rather more examples than I’ve published thus far, especially as I started with two on the same day.

Mostly, the crap journalism I’ve seen since has either been too serious to be snarked in this manner, or it has appeared at times when I’ve felt entirely too detached from the world around me to have the energy to care. The current furore around the X-Factor‘s Holly G white middle-aged female rapper is a case in point: I literally cannot summon up enough interest in whether she’s a genuinely disturbed person or a sophisticated put on: I mean, so what?

However, once again Ben Child has come up in the Guardian again with this piece about the demeaning role of girlfriends in superhero movies.

I don’t take issue with most of his piece because, once again, I genuinely don’t care. It’s based on a fundamental misunderstanding of superhero movies, which is supposed to be odd given that he writes the ‘Geek’ column because he’s supposed to be au fait with Geek culture.

I do find it mind-boggling that, given his premise, he finds Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane of the first two Superman movies to be such a vital force, but I’m here to direct you to his final paragraph, about the forthcoming Wonder Woman movie, in which he predicts that Diana’s love interest in the film, her traditional love-interest since Charles Moulton’s first script, won’t play second fiddle to the Amazon Princess, because he’s a man.

And this is crap journalism because Steve Trevor  has always – that’s always, always, ALWAYS – been second fiddle to Wonder Woman, because she’s got superpowers and he doesn’t and because he’s always been a fourteen carat, subservient, whining wimp, and if Ben Child is supposed to be the Geek columnist, he should bloody well know this.

I hope his pyjamas taste of something other than burnt cotton…

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