Spammed to Buggery

I don’t know what on Earth has happened but I am currently being spammed to buggery and all on the same post. My recent Infinite Jukebox on the Robert Wyatt version of ‘Shipbuilding’ is attracting spam posts like flies on, er, sherbet. What’s worse is that more than half of them are not being caught by the spam filter and are actually being flagged through as genuine first posts that I have to Moderate. How do I know they’re not genuine? Oh believe me, they’re easily recognisable once you’ve run a blog for long enough. They’re either English-as-a-poorly-translated-ninth-language or, when they’re correct, they’re gushing with praise that has no relation to what you’ve actually posted about. I haven’t had such a blizzard of posts for a very long time, and I’ve certainly never had so many come through on the same post like that. I’ve had nearly twenty in the past two days alone. Bog off, you useless idle bogshites!


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