The Reposting Blues

Like any self-obsessed blogger with a small (but perfectly-formed) audience, I check my Stats daily for number of visitors and what posts they are reading. Frequently, I click through to those posts that have had attention, reminding myself of what I’ve written, trying to assess what has caused the attention.

Almost inevitably, I find typos, misplaced punctuation, repetitive terms, the kind of things that always slip through the most rigorous of self-proofing, and I’ll edit and update. But apart from that, I try not to change anything. I hold to the belief that, once it is ‘published’, a piece of writing is completed, and any lessons it holds should be applied to new work.

There is an exception. Two days ago, someone looked at one of my posts from earlier this year in my occasional ‘Some Books’ series that I don’t remember previously attracting attention. I clicked through to read it and discovered that, in addition to the usual typos plus, that the piece was very badly written.

This is just to explain why the post is being re-posted shortly after this appears, having been completely rewritten, and the original, crappy post has been deleted.

Sorry about that, people.

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