A Heartfelt Recommendation

On a number of occasions, I’ve called out stories in the Guardian as being crap, but I’d like to draw to your attention a weekly column which is very much the opposite.

Widower of the Parish is a weekly column appearing in the Guardian’s Lifestyle section on-line, and its Family supplement on Saturdays. It’s being written under the pseudonym Adam Golightly, and its subject is living with the death of a loved one.

Adam’s wife Helen died of cancer earlier in 2016, after a long illness in which her forthcoming death was an ever present factor. Adam now has two young children to bring up, and to manage both his sense of loss, and theirs, and ensure that they can grow as unharmed as possible.

The column is wide-ranging, but it is always thoughtful, always full of questions, doubts, fears. It is one of the first things I look for each Saturday, ahead of Clive James’ weekly column, which should show you the esteem in which I hold it.

I just wanted others who might not be aware of this series to know about it. The link is to this week’s column, but all its predecessors can be read on the site. It’s sober stuff but moving, and beautifully written.

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